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Rehab LLC is a value-minded, general contractor company that offers construction services specializing in multi-family renovation, commercial/residential construction, as well as roofing services.  We developed a knowledgeable team of subcontractors and in-house construction specialists who are fully licensed, bonded and insured.  Our goal is to provide our customers with a high level of quality service and best fair-market-price.  We work diligently to achieve customer satisfaction through timelines, attention to detail and service-minded attitude. 


I can not say enough about Rehab LLC and all the work they have done for me and my property. Clay and the team have really done wonders to our clubhouse renovation. We were amazed at the time in which they were able to complete our project AND stay under our orginal budget. THANK YOU!!

Pam O. Regional Manager

Working for a large property management company, my standards were pretty high when selecting a renovation company to do work for me. I appreciated the knowledge Brian and Rehab LLC were able to bring when discussing cost and timelines of my reno's. They have been on top of it ever since we started our projects. Great company to work with.

Joe F. Renovation Manager-Greystar

In this day in age with all the technology, I am suprised other companies have not caught up to the process in which Rehab LLC uses. There approach to design and layouts of units is incredible. They understand trends and what works best for the spaces being renovated. Highly impressed. Great Job guys.

Ray Thompson-Investor/Owner


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